Spencer Hardy

From his love of the Stereophonics Spencer took his passion and poured it into recreating the amazing sound and performance, forming the Stereoironics in 1996.

He has an absolute enthusiasm for making sure the band is as much of a carbon copy of the original as possible. He has been lucky enough to meet Kelly Jones and the rest of the ‘phonics on many occasions, and is chuffed that Kelly has expressed how happy he is for the band to cover them, and indeed what a great job they do, and how dedicated they are.

Spencer is the lead singer, rhythm guitarist and Kelly impersonator (he even has the genuine quiff!) in the band. Despite being a lefty, Spencer ensures the sound is as accurate as possible, even down to playing the same make and models of guitar as Kelly owns, they even have the same customised art on them as the originals.

Spencer has played in many gigging bands and cover bands in the past, but has finally found his calling playing with the Stereoironics.